Veronica's First Road Vegas, Baby!

The weekend of May 14-15, we drove from San Francisco to Las Vegas to attend the wedding of one of Stephanie's best friends, Maya. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet Veronica's cousin, Abby, who was born just a week before Veronica was. Incidentally, Abby's middle name is Elizabeth, so we call her Betty (what up, Betty and Veronica?!).

We started the drive on Friday (leaving around noon), and got to Barstow before calling it a night. We finished the last couple hours of driving Saturday morning, attended Maya's lovely wedding and reception that evening, attended a lovely wedding brunch Sunday morning, hung out with my friend Russell and his family Sunday afternoon, and then spent the rest of the trip with Stephanie's brother Aaron and his wife Kelly (Abby's awesome parents!). We drove back to SF on Monday, making the normally 9-hour trip in just 14.5 hours! Driving with a one-month-old infant requires lots of stops for eatings and poopings, but Veronica was actually very good throughout the trip. Viva Las Vegas!

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